BaseUIX is a GUI framework that allows you to customize the look and feel of your softwares by using custom themed controls and windows. It fully supports alpha blended PNGs and has a highly modular code, making it very easy to use and create new controls. BaseUIX is entirely coded in C++.

You can download it for free by using the menu above. You might also want to look at BUIX documentation for first steps and examples.







Dot 02/01/10 - BaseUIX version 1.0.5 released

See the list below for the changes:

  • now you can use transparent image files for any component
  • added textBoxCaretGap & passwordBoxCaretGap properties into config.xml
  • some tips added to tips.txt file

Dot 01/07/10 - BaseUIX version 1.0.4 released

See the list below for the changes:

  • Added support for load pkg files
  • Various alignment values are now stored in config.xml
  • BUIXTextBox,BUIXPasswordBox & BUIXComboBox are fully skinnable
  • Now user can click text of BUIXCheckBox to change its state
  • BaseUIX now use TinyXML library to parse xml files
  • Added LICE_LoadPNGFromMemory function to the lice framework
  • Sdded fruity pack source files
  • Example.cpp changed to demonstrate usage of pkg file

Dot 12/30/09 - BaseUIX version 1.0.3 released

To celebrate the new year, here's an update to Base UIX framework! See the list below for the changes:

  • Added the combo box (drop down menu) control
  • Added an password text box
  • Example files updated for the new features

Dot 12/28/09 - BaseUIX version 1.0.2 released

A new version of BaseUIX is out, including a lot of new features and fixes. Check the list below:

  • Added a text box control (BUIXTextBox)
  • Added the top menu bar control (BUIXMenuBar)
  • Added an image box control (BUIXImageBox)
  • Added keyboard support to the popup menu
  • Fixed bug with text button resizing. Now there are three images per button state, maintaining the correct proportion
  • Fixed bug where you could move the window using the progress bar
  • Updated the example files

Dot 12/15/09 - BaseUIX version 1.0.1 released

The new version includes these new features and fixes:

  • Added a popup menu control
  • Added auto-resize option to BUIXLabels and BUIXTextButtons
  • Added a text size calculation function to gfxutils.h
  • Fixed context menu and GetComponentAt bugs in BUIXWindow.h
  • Updated example files to show the new features

Dot 12/03/09 - Initial release

First version of BaseUIX is released to the public.

BaseUIX - 2009 - All rights reserved
LICE, ZLib and LibPNG belogs to their respective owners